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all tracks available after 15th may 2010

01 Africa Heaven - Lampe EP

02 Ayatollah - Lampe EP

03 Stereotypen - Lampe EP

04 MaeHong - Lampe EP

05 Rosina - Lampe EP

06 What the future brings - Lampe EP

07 Manian - Lampe EP - bonus track


lampe live:


cover lampe ep
finally we made it! 6 tracks on vinyl (+cd) with features from julia pallanch, lorenz stipic, mc2 and king paranoij. artwork: christian sonnleitner. mix: lampe & ollmann. master: patrick pulsinger. label: prior music 2010.

go to the music section to stream or download
you can order the 12" vinyl @ prior music
cover popfakes v/a
two dub/ambient tracks on an amazing compilation popfakes compilation (by wolfgang almer) wuestenkatz rec. 2001
artwork - eva maria klingovsky
mix/master: ollmann
cover tomilanoandback
our first release from 1999.
artwork: tom hulan
mix: ollmann
+ synth: florian walter


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about lampe:
lampe was founded in 1998 @ schl8hof in wels and is meant to be a band of boris schuld aka mdmferd and hannes zellinger aka hanzell. we always focused on playing live and try to make people party, see the dancefloor and make it a good place for everybody.

Psychoakustisches Dossier (vertraulich):
Greasy Listening Pianos...Torchsongs...Blue Sleaze Smoke In The Air...Kinky Pink Panther auf der nassen Strasse...Julie London als Fata Morgana auf der Treppe...elektrische Space-Snare-Knallfrösche...jazzy Schifferklaviere auf schwankenden Dub-Dampfern...Arschbackenwackel-Drum'n'Bass der fliegenden Barhocker...libidomassierende Bässe...Jungle aus dem Stromkabeldschungel... neunschwänzige Electro-Peitschen wüten Drum'n'Beserl-Cafes...körperverdrehende Basswellen...Haxenbruch-Grooves...Groove Is The Teacher But Bass Is The Preacher...Abstract Ass-Kickin', Buttshakin', Stripped-Down Jungle-Bass-Magenspülungen...Drum-Gewitter...Live-Dubs ohne Genierer...ruffer nicht idiotensicher...Weird As Fuck...You Can't Do This - Lampe Can! Tiefe Löcher schwereloser Heavyness...abrupt explodierende Unterwasservulkane...Maulwurfgeschlängel in schlammigen Blechsalaten...mamboisierter Salsa Inna Exotica Style...eng tanzen erwünscht...Do The Latino-Bump, Booty-Style! Bass Me! Kick Me!. Deep Down In The Delta Of Groove...Make It Deep & Slow...Knarz-Bässe from Upper Space...elektronisches Schiffswrackkorallenriff-Schnorcheln...sich im Echo überschlagende & das Gnack brechende Body/Booty-Grooves...Fifties Swing-Schnulzen auf & vor Radical Drum & Bass-Beat-Dekonstruktions-Gewittern....& dann mit der grossen verbeulten 70er Ami-Karosse vorfahren...Lampe: Funk im Tank...Tiger im Groove!